MBF Communities

The MBF is not only about the studies. MBF students may also be part of the different communities and clubs active at the University of St. Gallen.

MBF Exclusive Clubs

MBF Women Club
On a regular basis, the MBF Women Club organizes some special events for the female community of the MBF. The events offer interested female Bachelor students the opportunity to get in touch with current MBF students, to learn more about the MBF programs and to discover exciting career paths in the financial industry. You also have the chance to meet with current and former MBF students who successfully pursue a career in banking and finance. For corporate partners, the MBF Women Club offers various opportunities to collaborate. If you are curious about next events or ways how to collaborate, please, just get in touch with us.


MBF Women Club Board 2020 (from left to right): Charlotte Bünemann, Pei-Yu (Eyvone) Chen, Lara Rossi, Alina Podkolodnaya.


Selected clubs of the University of St. Gallen

Helvetian Investment Club (HIC)
The HIC is the largest and most active student finance society at the University of St.Gallen that originates from a merger of four finance oriented student organizations: Investment Club, Bankers Club, Trading Club and Effektenforum. Their mission is to connect students with the investment banking, asset management and alternative investments industries. HIC provides high-quality extracurricular education to students at the University and connect them with representatives of various institutions across different spheres of the financial industry. Offerings inclue workshops, training, company visits, networking events, participation in conferences and competitions.


PE&VC Club
The Private Equity & Venture Capital Club is an official club at the University of St. Gallen (HSG). Its main focus lies on raising awareness for the private equity and venture capital industry on campus by enhancing our students' knowledge on the topic. The club offers a platform that enables an exchange between professionals, academics, experienced students and newcomers alike. Their members can profit from various events, workshops and social get-togethers.


Data Science and Technology Club
The Data Science and Technology Club promotes digitalization, data science, and technology, covering a broad range of topics from AI and IoT to Blockchain and Data Visualization. The club offers students a platform to learn, shape, and network, bringing them together with industry experts and allowing them to engage in hands-on, interdisciplinary projects.


Students' Consulting Club
The Students' Consulting Club provides a linking platform to enable direct interaction, discussion and knowledge exchange between students and business professionals of the consulting branch. The Students' Consulting Club offers interested and talented students unique opportunities to gain valuable insights into the consulting industry as well as a practical understanding of the profession's challenges.